For your eyes only  

Emerging artist based in Spain, with strong Colombian and Italian roots. His works begin following his intuition and trying to express the real functioning of thought, leaving behind the regulatory intervention of reason, proposing a new look at reality based on shapes and colors disconnected from the real world.

Experimentation is something constant in his work, curiosity and new challenges inspire him and this is transmitted in each new canvas. With an original language, he lets himself be carried away by each moment, capturing the most vivid and pure colors. In his compositions we find bold and intense forms, derived from all the visual inputs to which his daily life actively exposes him.  The development of his works involves a process marked by different paths and very often the result is a surprise.

For her abstract style, Petu is aware that the mind and intuition are fundamental parts, that is why painting is in itself for her a meditation, during this process her mind stops and the subconscious manages to emerge, and her focus is centered on colors, textures and shapes, achieving an intense visual message that generates these compositions created in a spontaneous, original and unique way.

VTerre 150x120


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